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Why Work and Play Away?

We seem to spend more and more hours at work and It’s all too easy to get caught up in the same old daily routine, work, eat, sleep, repeat, sound familiar? We need to work to live but work can offer so many more opportunities to seize the moment and have some fun in life. We have all experienced signals in the work environment that brighten our day, that fleeting glance from the person you see on the train every morning, an accidental touch at lunch, a laugh and joke at a conference or a returned smile from the person also dining and drinking alone in the hotel on an overnight stop over. These signals can ignite a spark in the otherwise dull working day so that you look forward to the train journey to work, to lunch, to the sales conference and stopping overnight in the hotel.

However, how do we know if we are reading the signals correctly, is the person that smiles at you as you pass in the corridor every day as attracted to you as you are to them and are they looking for some work time fun?

Work and Play Away brings dating to work with us you can search by your work place or stop over postcode for a list of like minded Men and Women looking for “no strings” fun in close proximity to where you are working.

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